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Irrigation for Gardens and Lawns

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Two common types of irrigation systems are suited for a home landscape: drip (or trickle) irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Many kinds of sprinklers are available, if properly selected, can be suitable to cover almost all areas. As a matter of fact, sprinklers are actually the most excellent option for turf areas. On the other hand, drip (trickle) irrigation has been rising in popularity these past years and is very applicable for watering individual plants like trees as well as shrubs and can also work very well for vegetable or ornamental gardens. In addition to that, some drip irrigation also works well with series of crops grown in your garden.

Irrigation System Planning

An irrigation system can be as easy as a water hose connected to a sprinkler, or it can be as difficult as an underground pipeline system with automatic controls and multiple circuits. This publication deals mainly with more complicated systems however, most of this information may be applied to any garden or lawn irrigation system.

A very systematic design method is not always simple. A lot of factors are included with sprinkler irrigation systems most especially the number and types of sprinklers should match the volume capacity and the pressure of the water supply. In addition, the application rates from drip emitters and sprinklers must also be low enough in order to avoid any excess runoff from the surface of the soil but rather high enough to achieve water requirements of crops. Choosing the best emitters and/or sprinklers and spacing for a certain system may be a trial and error procedure. Many factors should be known before planning a lawn irrigation system:

1. Shape of the area

2. Water source

3. Irrigation requirements of targeted plants or crops

4. Soil type (soil water holding capacity/intake capacity)

5.Operational requirements (automatic or manual controls, hours per day, and many more)

Sometimes, the water supply is already present and the irrigation system should be designed with the volume and pressure limitations in mind. In some cases, the requirements for water source will be decided from the water supply and irrigation design to be installed properly. At any rate, you should consider all the factors in planning an effective lawn irrigation system.

This publication gives basic data for designing most garden or lawn irrigation systems and for choosing the most ideal type of system for a certain situation.

This publication can’t answer every question which may arise concerning garden and lawn irrigation systems. For example, water requirements for certain plants and crops have intentionally been omitted.

Kinds of Sprinklers

Spray heads and rotary sprinklers are the most common kinds of sprinklers used in gardens and lawns. Both are designed for certain applications and have specific operating characteristics.

Rotary sprinklers usually operate at extremely high pressures and cover large areas. They have an hourly application rate of 0.2 and 0.5 inches. Rotary sprinklers can also be used with fast coupling valves which allows movement of the sprinklers from one area to another or mounted on permanent risers. To know more about the kinds of sprinklers, make sure to contact a reliable sprinkler irrigation system service provider.

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